Welcome to Rotten Ralph's

Celebrating Our 26th Year

About Us

Rotten Ralph's is located in the middle of Olde City (the heart of Olde City as we like to think of it) on the corner of 2nd and Chestnut St. We have a first floor bar with a full service restaurant located on the second floor. In the warmer months there is outside seating and the french doors are opened in the bar area to create a feeling of being outside. When it is cold outside, you can warm yourself by our wood burning stove located on the second floor/ dining room. It is a great place to watch people coming and going. Our menu has something for everyone and we are kid friendly.

Rotten Ralph's is open 7 days a week from 11 am til 1:40 am last call.
Our kitchen is always open until 1 am (1:30 Weekends)

Rotten Ralph's is close to Penn's Landing (great place to come before the fireworks and after) and to many Historic Attractions such as Betsy Ross House, Carpenters Hall, Constitution Center, Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Franklin Mint/Grave to name a few.

We are one block away from the Revolutionary War Museum.

About the Building

201 Chestnut Street; This building was built in the 1840's. It was originally a six story building that went from the corner of Chestnut Street to 207 Chestnut St and included the building next to us on South 2nd Street. In 1896, there was a fire that burned down everything, except for what remains today. 201 Chestnut St. is known as the first retail store in Olde City. Olde City was a factory area during the seventeen and eighteen hundreds.

The Second Floor Is Haunted.

(Paranormal Activity). No Joke. Anyone who has spent anytime up there, will tell you of many unexplained things that have/has happened up there (mostly the staff). Especially around the spiral staircase. Some people say, they can feel it. It is something that happens all the time, so we do not really pay attention to it.

Who is Rotten Ralph; Ralph J Paschall Sr 1923 to 2011

Coming Soon!

Rotten Ralph's never closes! Snow, Rain, Holidays. open 365 days.

If you have a large event of 50 people or more, ask about our Rent the Whole Place Program.
Perfect for a low budget wedding or Xmas party. Our Promise is: We will make it right.
(Reasonable Rates)

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